A cervical superiorpaper facet injection of the steroid called cortisone may reduce the and pain of aspect joint syndrome while in the throat. The injection has risks, although severe negative effects are rare. History Side syndrome that is joint is discomfort and inflammation within the facet joints, which are the connections between your vertebrae of the spine. Pain The cervical facet injection’s most common side effect is momentary pain in the procedure site. Steroid Negative Effects The probable side effects of the cortisone utilized in the treatments incorporate weight gain, increase in blood sugar levels (especially in diabetics), water-retention and suppression of the body’s natural creation of cortisone. Injury The injection also can probably cause muscle injury, bleeding and contamination, which near the spine or in can cause damage. Based on Orthopaedics at Speed, in scenarios that were excessively unusual, injections have caused critical nerve injury and demise. Contraindications Based on the Redding Associates Group, you ought not possess a cervical facet procedure in case you are sensitive towards the injected drugs, are taking a blood thinning treatment or have an energetic infection.